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BLOOD FEAST was formed by Adam Tranquilli, Gary Markowich (vocals), Kevin Kuzma (drums) and Lou Starita (bass) in 1985 as Blood Lust. They quickly wrote and recorded their classic 4-song demo, The Suicidal Missions. Shortly after, they became a 5-piece with the addition of Michael Basden on guitar. The band was then approached by New Renaissance Records to contribute songs to their Thrash Metal Attack (Menacing Thunder and Speed Metal Hell 3 (The Suicidal Missions). This prompted the name change to BLOOD FEAST. New Renaissance then offered a record deal, which led to the recording of the classic Kill For Pleasure album and a US tour with DEATH ANGEL. The Face Fate EP quickly followed.

Shortly after writing and recording their proposed 2nd album, Adam left the band. The remaining 4 members then re-recorded these songs, which became the album Chopping Block Blues. The band broke up shortly after the album's release in early 1990.

The 5-man BLOOD FEAST reunited for an appearance at the NJ March Metal Meltdown in 1999, but further activity was not to be. A second reunion began in 2007, albeit only with original members Tranquilli and Kuzma. Both Lorenzo and Natalini came on board in 2010, just in time for the band's first appearance at Headbangers Open Air in Germany (they were invited back in 2013). During this stretch, Adam began writing new material, with the band even playing an early version of INRI at select shows. The incarnation of BLOOD FEAST retaking its place in the metal ranks today began to take shape in March of 2014, with the addition of guitarist CJ Scioscia. When drummer Joe Moore joined a few months later, the unit was complete and immediately set to work on Adam's stockpile of new material. 2 of these songs (Off With Their Heads and The Burn) have become staples of the current live set. Such performances have become more frequent, culminating with an appearance at the True Thrash Fest 2015 in Osaka, Japan with EXCITER, HOBB'S ANGEL OF DEATH and GAME OVER, and Hells Headbash 2 in Cleveland, Ohio.



Tom Lorenzo - bass guitar

Adam Kieffer - drums

CJ Scioscia - guitar

Adam Tranquilli - guitar

Chris Natalini - vocals

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Adam Tranquilli


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