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Music Management Services

Now that you've built an awesome website and your digital music business marketing strategy is in place, it's time take your music career to the next level with professional music industry management services.


We know exactly what it takes to bring your music career to the next level. We provide professional services for artist and event managers, public relations and press release services, music distribution and sync licensing, and record label services.

Music Management Services to Level Up

Consider using one of our professional music management services to help navigate your music in front of the right people.  Whether you’re new to the music scene or already have a long track record in the industry, we at OPK Solutions always brings a passionate approach to every client's music campaign we’re involved in.​

Artist Manager

Have a dedicated artist manager guide you through the chaos of the music industry. Our professional managers have decades of knowledge and experience putting musicians in the front of decision makers.

Distribution & Licensing

We provide top tier services for music licensing and distribution through the various channels. Reach new audiences through specialized marketing, advertising, sync licensing, video monetization, and performance rights services.

Public Relations

Our public relations professionals can help coordinate press releases, distribution of media and press, schedule interviews and reviews, and provide services to promote your music locally or internationally. 

Record Label Services

Our dedicated record label services are made up of professional musicians and professional managers who have years of qualified knowledge and experience in the recording label and recording business.