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Music services to help you grow your audience.

Start building a steady flow of new listeners and fans for your new music release or existing music releases.


Launch a successful new music release.

Launching a new music release without first assessing the strengths and weaknesses of your brand can be damaging to your overall music marketing strategy. Why take the chance of huge losses when you can easily find out how to avoid negative impacts that effect the health and performance of your music assets? 

Step 1: Conduct a Forensic-like Audit of Your Music Assets

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A music audit is the process of conducting a digital forensic-like assessment of your website health and performance, streaming services, social media platforms, and merchandise platform.


The audit reveals strengths and weaknesses of your overall music marketing strategy, usability, ease of access for audiences, uncovers wasteful spending, and looks at brand consistency across all your assets.

  • Website and merch audit

  • Social media audits

  • Full report and recommendations

STEP 2: Repair, Optimize & Rebrand Your Music Assets

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After performing an initial music audit of all your assets, we highly recommend organizing, fixing, and optimizing your assets prior to releases. If it's broken... Fix it!


Our experienced music marketers can repair and optimize all your accounts associated with your music business, improve your overall brand consistency on all your platforms, and assist in a number of management related services to get you ready for your upcoming music release.

  • Repair music account errors

  • Optimize for health and performance

  • Rebrand platforms for consistency 

STEP 3: Create and Deliver Your Music Marketing Strategy

Grow your music career with a pro music marketing agency.

Now that you have all your assets in order, you're now ready to turn up the volume on your music career? We can help you create custom tailored music marketing strategies that bring all your assets together to deliver it to the right audience. We can help with the following: