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Get Your New Music Release Checklist

Let your next new music release be a success.

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🤘🏼 Release Your Music with a Plan

Are you struggling to organize your next new music release? Does the thought of failure loom over you because you have no strategy or plan? Fear not, for stage lights are amidst the darkness - a lifeline to guide you through uncertainty is now at your fingertips. 


Get access to our professional New Music Release Checklist now, and arm yourself against failure. With this indispensable tool at your disposal, you can navigate the turbulent seas of the music industry with confidence and resilience. Don't let fear hold you back; take the first step towards success today.

Get the Free Music Release Checklist

Click here to download the music release checklist

💎 Hire a Digital Marketing Coach

Digital marketing coaching can help music artists and music professionals develop and create realistic marketing strategies that focus on reaching your target audience.


By working with a certified digital marketing pro, you'll learn the basic skills and foundational knowledge you need to deliver successful digital music marketing campaigns.

Audit Music Assets

We'll give you the lowdown on how to audit your music assets to ensure you'll have a successful new music release every time you drop new music.

Deliver Music Assets

Once your music assets are optimized and ready to go, we'll teach you how to execute a release strategy for your new upcoming music releases.

Optimizing Music Assets

We'll teach you how to clean up your brand, put your best foot forward, and show you how to create a message consistent with your ideal audience.

Manage Music Assets

We'll show you how to manage the technical and digital marketing stuff while you and your crew continue to make and deliver your new music releases.

Develop New Music Assets

We help you develop necessary digital assets like social media, streaming services, and ecommerce to market your music across multiple channels.

Pro Music Services

We can connect you with music professionals to help take your music business to the next level. Maximize your opportunities to succeed with pro services.

🏆 1-on-1 Certified Digital Marketing Coaching

Navigating through the digital world is a daunting task, especially if you don't have fundamental knowledge of how it all works and ties together.


We can help you sift through all the digital marketing confusion and provide 1-on-1 personalized digital marketing coaching. Get started today with your own certified digital marketing pro.

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