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Artist Event Management Presents Music Press Kits to OCPL MasterClass

Updated: Mar 16

OPK Solutions is pleased to announce Artist Event Management will present our unique custom music press kits to OCPL MasterClass, Sunday, June 14, Monday, June 15 and Tuesday, June 16 at LeMoyne College, New York.

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About OCPL MasterClass

OCPL MasterClass project is a New York State based music program funded by a secure grant from Senator John A. DeFrancisco and additional support from the Reisman Foundation. The OCPL MasterClass project focuses on providing opportunities for talented musicians from age 12 and up to perform live original music performances or collaborations of composed music in a concert style setting. Participants will have their performances digitally recorded and offered feedback and advice from a panel of diverse professionals.

About Artist Event Management (AEM)

Artist Event Management is a Syracuse, New York based business with over 30 years of music industry experience and expertise in a variety of professional music marketing and consulting services. OPK Solutions is an affiliate partnership of AEM providing both offline promotional materials, online content management solutions and custom tailored music press kits to professional music clients, record labels and event promoters around the world. The relationship between AEM and OPK Solutions developed out of the need to create unique and customized online press kits and promotional materials for clients seeking to take their music careers to a new level.

John Pettigrass, the owner of AEM, and Jennifer Potter will be presenting at LeMoyne College to participants of the OCPL MasterClass the benefits of branding your band and the important aspects of why online press kits are the new standard of presentation to music industry decision makers.

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For more information on our music press kits, go to https://www.opk.solutions

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