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OPK Solutions Creates CAGE Music Press Kit

Updated: Mar 16

OPK Solutions is pleased to announce the our newest client CAGE Heavy Metal and the opportunity to create one of our professional designed music press kits.


OPK Solutions wanted to do something outrageous with the CAGE band press kit. Something consistent with the image and theme of their online presence and brand. Everyone was definitely pleased with the results and the weight of the band press kit shouts out CAGE's brand in a explosive way.

CAGE singer and front-man Sean Peck stated, "OPK Solutions did a great job assembling our opk and I would gladly recommend them to anyone. We have since used this dedicated page to land tons of gigs as promoters and Media Partners appreciated its ease-of-use and professional look."

About CAGE

CAGE are self proclaimed American Power Metal Kings producing numerous releases and a grunge sound that combines the familiar metal god-like elements with their own distinct sound that puts the songs and the metal fans first.

For more information on our music press kits and promoting music, go to https://www.opk.solutions

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