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DeadRisen Readies For New Music Release

Updated: Mar 16

DeadRisen comes to us from our good friends at Artist Event Management of Syracuse, NY, whom has been using OPK Solutions as their main band and artist music press kits builder for nearly a decade. The goal, as always, was to create a stunning band press kit to represent the band's unfolding new music release and their forthcoming new album, yet to be announce.

DeadRisen is from left: Mike LePond, Tony Stahl, Will Shaw, Rod Rivera & Dan Prestup

OPK Solutions is really excited to collaborate with DeadRisen and given the opportunity to work with celebrity performers such as Mike LePond (Symphony X, Mike LePond's Silent Assassins). Here is yet another example of musicians using our music promotion service to highlight and promote their music brand in a professional manner.

About DeadRisen

DeadRisen is the brainchild of Rod Rivera and Mike LePond. Rod Rivera’s guitar wizardry is best known & respected world-wide in his work with Christian Metal legends, RIVERA/BOMMA. Rod has 3 decades performing, recording & touring.  The son of a flamenco guitarist, Rod is able to combine his father’s Latin guitar influence with hard rock/heavy rock to create a totally original approach to the instrument. Mike LePond is the bassist for progressive metal giants, SYMPHONY X. A seasoned veteran, he has toured the world many times over and played on some of the most important albums in heavy metal history. He is one of the most well respected and sought-after players on the scene today. DeadRisen would not be complete without the talent and drive from ones of today’s best rock musicians in the music industry, Tony Stahl (Livesay) on Keyboard and Backing vocals, Dan Prestup (Midnight Eternal) Drums & Will Shaw (Heir Apparent) Lead Vocals.

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