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Mpackt Supports NoCap on Mr. Crawford Tour

Updated: Sep 13

Mpackt supports NoCap on Mr. Crawford Tour and makes his mark in the current hip-hop scene as a fresh new artists gaining a foothold in the music world. Many draw an audience with their stage presence and charisma while others let their lyrics speak for them. For Mpackt, he’s had a knack for both and has been slowly catching the public’s eye over the years.

Mpackt is Hip Hop artist from Las Vegas, Nevada

Who Is Mpackt?

Mpackt is a young prodigy and new Hip Hop artist. Since his early teens, he has climbed the ranks with his unique sound, musical skill, and contagious energy on stage. New listeners are drawn in by his relatable lyrics and fresh sound that spans several musical genres. He connects with his online audience through popular musical platforms like Spotify and Tiktok and relies on their support during his debut as he embarks on a national tour.

Mpackt's Early Life

Born in Las Vegas, Nevada, Mpackt has always been associated with the music world. He’s been passionate and had fortunately gained that necessary foothold for success with the help of his musically inclined father, Brian Jackson. Mr. Jackson is an experienced music producer and guitarist associated with Uproar Entertainment Group. This means Mpackt - also known as Kye Jackson - is no stranger to live events and crowds.

Since the age of 3, he’s toured with his dad. And by the age of 7, he’d picked up a knack for playing instruments just like him. By his early teens, he was trying out audio production and had begun to craft his own personal sound. As a 19-year-old, he’s now claimed his signature sound, mixing old and new rap influences into his music to create a flow that’s quickly gaining him much attention in the music world. Mpackt was also mentored by and appeared in the music videos of both Run DMC and Wayne Static.

Mpackt's Music

When asked what his music means to him, he cites what most artists find their inspiration: passion and life experience. Much of his hardships growing up without a mother and a single father are encapsulated in the lines of his lyrics. This may be why he calls his style, “Rap with soul.”

Mpackt is releasing his debut album with the help of Uproar Entertainment Group, but not before getting his fans excited with his new music release. Mpackt’s new single, “Stay Dangerous” dropped - which you can find under NoCap on Spotify - will be followed by more singles in the future and finally a full album release at a later date.

The new Rap artist is hard at work fine-tuning his art and is currently on the run promoting his music, all the while backed by his loyal online followers and garnering more support with future single drops.

“Mr. Crawford Tour” Dates

Having only just begun, Mpackt’s currently on a national tour: NoCap’s “Mr.Crawford Tour.” He’ll be touring with Big Yavo, a fast-rising rapper from Alabama, as well as surprise special guests. You can find tickets for live shows in your area online at NoCap.com.

Although the “Mr. Crawford Tour” had already begun, you might be able to catch an upcoming concert in your area. The upcoming tour dates are as follows:

· 4/28/22 The Ritz Raleigh, NC

· 4/29/22 The NorVa Norfolk, VA

· 5/2/22 Gramercy Theatre New York, NY

· 5/5/22 Webster Theatre Hartford, CT

· 5/6/22 Showplace Theatre Buffalo, NY

· 5/8/22 Big Night Live Boston, MA

· 5/10/22 Majestic Theatre Detroit, MI

· 5/11/22 Bogart’s Cincinnati, OH

· 5/12/22 Pieres Entertainment Fort Wayne, IN

· 5/14/22 Skyway Theatre Minneapolis, MN

· 5/18/22 Cervante’s Masterpiece Ballroom Denver, CO

· 5/20/22 AURA Tempe, AZ

· 5/26/22 The Novo Los Angeles, CA

· 5/27/22 The Regency San Francisco, CA

· 6/3/22 Buckhead Theatre Atlanta, GA

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