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Polychuck's New Music Release "HERO" Is a Call for Peace in Ukraine

Updated: Apr 29

A progressive rock musician from Canada, Polychuck’s new music release "HERO" is a call for peace in Ukraine.

“I take to heart what is happening. 'HERO' is a cry for peace as if the music could help us get some relief from the pain caused by war and political conflict.” Polychuck

Polychuck is a progressive rock musician from Canada and of Ukrainian descent. A guitar prodigy with a strong passion for writing and producing his own music. If you have never heard any of his music before, now is the time to get your headphones out and give it a listen.

Canadian guitar shredder Polychuck.

As Polychuck is partly of Ukrainian descent, it probably does not come as much of a surprise to learn that the atrocities going on in Ukraine are very close to his heart. He felt compelled to put together a piece of music to draw attention to what is happening in his homeland, calling for a peaceful resolution to the conflict.


Polychuck has recently released his single "HERO" which is a song calling for peace in the Ukraine. The song, feat. Derek Sherinian was released on April 1st. You can listen to "HERO" on his Spotify Artist profile.

If you have never heard of Derek Sherinian before, he is an American keyboardist who has an incredible reputation in the industry. He has recorded and toured for the likes of Dream Theater, Joe Bonamassa, Billy Idol, Alice Cooper, and many more.

As Polychuck describes, “Working with Derek Sherinian was such an honor. He brought a whole new dimension to my sound!”

Cementing his place in the rock scene

Polychuck is firmly cementing his place in the rock scene. Coming off the back of his EP Polychuck Part II: Shadows Remain, which was widely acclaimed, this track shows his dynamic sound range. He shows everyone, once again, just how versatile he is with a guitar.

“The more I write, the more I wanna move away from the traditional songwriting format. I express myself better with 0 musical boundaries," Polychuck describes.

And added, “I feel like my sound is evolving towards something much more profound than anything I ever wrote before.”

Blending heavy-hitting riffs and intricate drum patterns, the soaring guitar solos, and the legendary keyboard lines from Sherinian provide the perfect foundation for Polychuck’s vocals. The result is a very well-rounded one, delivering everything you could want from a rock single.

Not only does the track sound incredible but it has great depth of meaning and is for a highly important cause. We are sure that you have all seen the news about what is going on in Ukraine at the moment. It is heartbreaking, and Polychuck’s call for peace is something we can all get behind.

Learn from the man himself

Not only is Polychuck a great musician and a compassionate individual but he is an educator and a teacher as well. He created the Polychuck Guitar Academy where he teaches a lot of students, helping to inspire the next generation of musicians. Check out Polychuck Guitar Academy for challenging lessons in Neoclassical, Fusion, Country, and Thrash Metal style genres with video and tab lessons, back tracking and more.

Listen to the track today

So, what are you waiting for? Listen to "HERO" today! We are sure that you will love the next track in Polychuck’s journey. It’s not to be missed.

Listen to "HERO" on Spotify

For more about Polychuck's music, visit https://www.polychuck.com/music

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