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Professional Drummer James Hershey

Updated: Mar 16

OPK Solutions is pleased to announce James Hershey as our newest member to use our music press kits. James wanted to present his drumming career from a solo perspective. OPK Solutions was able to create an music promotion tool that showcased his music career in a customized format that prospective buyers, venues, and music promoters can quickly access.

James Hershey is an American drummer, percussionist and songwriter. Born and raised in Pennsylvania, James began his music career at an early age.

Some of James' most influential experiences were the 4 years he worked at B.B King Blues Club in Times Square. This is where he increased his musical knowledge by observing and interviewing legends like B.B King, Johnny Winters, The Wailers, Aretha Franklin, Tower of Power and many more.

James is currently based in Tampa Bay and works as a session drummer and instructor. Recent work has included drumming with bands like Trevor Bystrom, Das Funk Haus, Wildroot, Brandi Adams, Phunkit, and Flintface.

An experienced drummer, James has experience playing music with and without a click and is comfortable playing in a variety of styles such as Funk, Soul, Blues, Bossa, Africuban, Rock, Jazz, and many more.

For more information on how you can promote your music with one of our music press kits, go to https://www.opk.solutions

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