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Create Your Spotify
Growth Strategy

Reach new followers and listeners with a Spotify growth strategy.


Spotify Growth Strategy for Artists

Grow Your Artist Profile: The Spotify growth strategy will help you get results. Get more follows, listens and streams with the right social media platforms combined with both organic and paid techniques that have helped artists grow their profile with Spotify.


As a musician, you know that getting more listens, followers and streams are a must. We can help grow your artist profile by providing the latest Spotify marketing trends and techniques specifically designed for artists like you.

​Here is a general list of items we typically perform as part of your Spotify growth campaign:

  • Artist profile rebranding and reskinning

  • Technical account fixes

  • Assistance with artist profile claims

  • Artist playlist creation

  • Refresh and update bio section

  • Assistance with song pitches

  • Custom conversion page setup

  • One Month of Coaching

Spotify Growth Strategy for Your Artist Profile

Artist Case Study April 2022

46% Increase in Monthly Spotify Listeners
Spotify Listeners Chart
39% Increase in Monthly Spotify Streams
Sample of Spotify monthly streams.
1943 New Monthly Spotify Followers
Sample chart of monthly Spotify followers.

More listeners, followers, and streams with a Spotify Growth Strategy

Our Spotify growth strategy will deliver a steady stream of qualified targeted followers and listeners to your artist profile. Give your new account or seasoned account a jumpstart and tickle those algorithms to get your music out there in front of real listeners.

We use a combination of paid and organic content strategies to engage new audiences to promote followers, streams and listeners. Plus, we go through your entire artist account profile, make sure you're up to date and ready to release new music, and provide recommendations and coaching. 


Real measurable results. 100% Guaranteed or we will give you a full refund. 

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