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"Powerful & energetic - The Complication is a rare breed with a dynamic female lead guitarist/vocalist.  They should be opening for Halestorm!" - Gary McDowell, Tootsie's Nashville

Base: Milwaukee, WI

Genre: #HardRock #Rock 

Label: Remedial Children Records


Annie B - Lead Vocals & Guitar

Dave “Roaddog” Bishop - Drums

Mike "Flip" Filipek - Bass

The Complication encompasses an array of emotion and movement, creating earworms with undeniable groove-hooks while at the same time, making you want to start up the mosh pit, with driving drum & bass/guitar rhythms and in-your-face vocal power.  Offerings from the Milwaukee-based rock act reflect on relationships and heartache, personal struggles, lessons learned, and tongue-in-cheek commentaries about life in the 21st century.  The band can often be found touring all over the U.S., making waves in small and large markets. Recommended if you like Joan Jett, Pat Benatar, 90s grunge, Halestorm, and Heart, but the band has a sound all their own.

"Sanitary Hell", The Complication's latest effort, is the 9th CD release for the prolific, award-winning rock vixen/singer/songwriter and founding member Annie B. Annie was inspired at a young age the year John Lennon was shot, when she heard on a special radio show about Lennon's life & music, an old recording of The Beatles performing "All My Loving" live.  You could hardly hear The Beatles.... you could mostly hear the screaming girls. It was then that she decided she needed to play rock 'n' roll when she grew up. She started on the West Coast and headlined Sunset Strip Clubs from 1999-2006 and garnered widespread U.S. airplay with her then punk-metal band, Shut Up Marie, landing on commercial rock charts alongside Death Cab For Cutie, The New Pornographers, and Coheed & Cambria. 


“One of the most energetic and solid 3 piece bands I've seen. Great musicianship and powerful vocals make for a solid set of rock and roll. The Complication proves rock music is very much alive and well.” – JB Bachtel, Promoter/Production Manager, The Foundry, Jackson, MI


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