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Are you ready to take that next big step for your music career? Of course you are! Let's work together to get you organized and ready to launch your next big campaign.


Contact us today and let's have a conversation about how to transform your music with an efficient music marketing strategy to grow your fan base.


8657 Karpeal Dr

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OPK Solutions has been providing digital marketing for musicians and industry professionals for over 12 years. Our first client being none other than rock and roll music legend, Rick Derringer. Over the course of a few years with Rick, we experimented with a lot of music marketing ideas. We redesigned his website, merchandise store, and grew his Facebook to over 80K followers. Over an 8 year period working with Rick, we learned a lot about the music industry.


At that time, digital music marketing was still in the infancy stages.

After leaving Rick, we began our journey creating custom made EPKs. Quickly, we gained recognition in the music industry as one of the top custom music press kit developers. We eventually coined the term online press kits (OPK) to separate our brand from the other brands. And OPK Solutions was born as a company.

​In the last 12+ years, we've worked with various management, labels, and PR companies. This has helped us develop a well-rounded skillset to deliver services to musicians.

Since then, we have evolved into a music marketing company with a fresh new perspective on promoting music. As a certified digital marketing pro, we now provide various music marketing services. And keeping up with the latest technology allows us provide the best digital music marketing services possible.

It's never too late. We've helped punk rock bands from the 70s, heavy metal bands from the 80s, rock bands from the 80s, rock bands from the 90s, thrash metal bands, hip hop, and music artists of all types.


Take the next step and contact us to level up your music. 

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