Analyze your assets with a music audit.

Before your release another song, invest in a digital music audit to see how you measure up to the algorithms.


Invest in a music audit.

Before you launch your next new music release, you need to ask yourself, am I ready? Uncover opportunities to grow your music business and expand your reach.

Get your music audit now and we'll perform your personalized music audit with a full report backed by a 100% money back guarantee if we do not find anything wrong with your music assets.

  • Website SEO audit

  • Social media audits

  • Search results audit

  • Keyword analysis

  • Organic traffic analysis

  • Full report with recommendations

Sample picture of a music audit results of a band website.

Audit Your Music

​A digital music audit is the process of conducting a forensic-like assessment of your music website SEO health and performance, streaming services, search results, social media platforms, and merchandise platform to reveal strengths and weaknesses of your overall music marketing strategy.

Uncover Errors

Uncover wasteful spending, poor use of resources, and discrepancies within your accounts.

Brand Confusion

Discover inconsistencies with your brand that create barriers to audience trust and fan loyalty.

Detailed Reports

Get a detailed report on the status of your current website, social media, streaming services, and merchandise.

OPK Solutions can provide the professional support and technical analysis you need to make sure you're music assets are configured for the algorithms and performing at optimal health before, during and after your music release.

We provide detailed reports with the insight you need to determine how well your music assets measure up to platform algorithms.


Keeping your website, streaming services, and social media accounts optimized for their individual platform algorithms can help you achieve better results when delivering your new music release. 

A music audit of your assets is the single best investment you can make to determine where you are digitally so you can make better decisions on how to, and when to, release your new music.


Invest in an audit and find out if your platforms measure up to the algorithms.

100% Money Back Guarantee 

if we don't find anything wrong with your music assets.