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Analyze your assets with a music audit.

A music audit for your website, social media marketing, and Spotify account to improve your music promotion strategy.

Music Audit

Do a music audit to know where you stand.

Avoid costly mistakes with poor performing platforms. Get the facts with a forensic-like music audit of your online platforms.

Our music auditing service will thoroughly analyze your website SEO health and performance, Spotify streaming service, merchandise SEO, and social media platforms to help you find out what's working and what's not.


Fine tune your music platforms before launching your new music release.

How it works.

Request an Audit

OPK Solutions provides in-depth analysis of your website, Spotify, social media and SEO performance to help you identify areas of improvement.

Receive a Report

Get a detailed report on the current health and performance of your entire online marketing platforms and recommendations to make improvements.

Clear Solutions

Use the report and recommendations to take corrective action to improve your overall health and performance of your music platforms.

Invest in a music audit today.

Before you launch your next new music release, or music marketing strategy, you need to ask yourself if you're actually ready. A music audit can simply help you answer this question.


  • Uncover opportunities to grow your music business and expand your reach to bring in new fans.

  • Find solutions to optimize the performance of your music platforms.

  • Get realistic results that are guaranteed to improve the overall performance for promoting your music.


Get your music audit today and start your new music release off on the right note.

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