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OPK Solutions Music Audits


Start your music audit today to see how ready you are!


You've poured your heart and soul into your music, preparing it for release day, building a website, amping up your social media and doing everything you possibly can to prepare for that big moment. Yet, some of your biggest fears are lurking in the shadows. 


Ask yourself:

✅ Will our music reach the right audience?

✅ Is our music platforms correctly optimized?

✅ Is our message aligned with the right fanbase?

✅ Will anyone notice we released new music?


Soundproof your upcoming music release with a pro music audit. Ensure every aspect of your digital footprint, from your Spotify account to your website and merchandise site, is working together seamlessly to promote your music and your brand.

Get Key Insights for Strategic Growth

Leverage insights and gather sound data to scale your goals, make better decisions, and improve key music marketing metrics.

Unlock Hidden Potential on Platforms

Identify issues with your platforms, spotlight opportunities, and make improvements in tune with your new music release.

Optimize Your New Music Release

Launch your upcoming music release with confidence. Deliver a music marketing strategy that resonance with your fans.


Lance owner of OPK Solutions music marke

Hey, I'm Lance, owner of OPK Solutions and a Certified Digital Marketing Pro. With over 12+ years in the music industry. We don't just look at one aspect of your online presence; we consider the entire ecosystem to ensure everything works together harmoniously to support your music career. Plus, our industry expertise and attention to detail guarantee actionable insights you won't find elsewhere.


"OPK stands out as an exceptional marketing company and Lance is a great partner to have on your team! Any businesses who seek a reliable and results-driven marketing company should look into OPK Solutions."

In Sylva

"Lance and OPK Solutions have done an amazing job for myself and my company Uproar Entertainment Group. I would highly recommend them."

Brian Jackson


Ready to optimize your online platforms and unlock your music's full potential? It's easy to get started!


Click the Button Below to Get Started Now!

You're one click away from discovering everything you need to know about your online presence.


Choose the Music Audit That Best Fits Your Needs.

We do a complete assessment of your online presence based on your needs and the type of music audit your chose.


Get Insights and Recommendations.

No more wondering. Our music audit will provide a detailed report of what you need to do next to prepare your release.


Ready to amplify your online presence and elevate your music career?

At OPK Solutions, we know you want more than anything to have the best possible music release. To accomplish this, you need a solid online presence with all your online assets singing in perfect harmony.

You're concerned that your digital presence isn't effectively showcasing your music. But your not sure where to start, which leaves you frustrated, confused, and fearing your worse nightmares... failure!


Every musician who pours their heart and soul into creating their musical masterpiece deserves to be heard. We definitely understand the challenges you face with releasing music into a sea or competition, which is why musicians trust our expert insights and recommendations to create an ensemble of music assets to deliver your new music release in perfect harmony.

Our music audit covers all facets of your online presence, including: - Spotify artist account, website platform performance and health, merchandise site, content strategy and social media messaging and your release strategy for any upcoming new music releases.


Your online presence is the gateway to your music career's success. Don't let inefficiencies or missed opportunities hold you back. Invest in a music audit today and ensure every digital touchpoint reflects the quality and value of your music.


Ready to take control of your online presence and elevate your music career? Don't wait until the curtain fall. Start your music audit today and let's start transforming your digital footprint!


What is a Music Audit, and why do I need one?

A music audit is a complete analysis of your online presence. It covers social media platforms, website, streaming services, advertising strategies, and other digital assets. It ensures your music release is supported by a strong and optimized brand identity, maximizing your impact and reach.

How will a Music Audit benefit my music career?

A music audit provides insights into areas of improvement and optimization across your digital platforms. It helps enhance your visibility, fan engagement, and overall effectiveness in connecting with your fans. This will boosts your chances of a successful new music release.

What does the Music Audit process involve?

The process begins with a detailed examination of your social media platforms, website, streaming services, and advertising strategies. Our experts will assess the current state of your online presence, identify strengths and weaknesses, and provide actionable recommendations for improvement.

Will the Music Audit be tailored to my specific needs as a musician?

Absolutely. Our music audit is personalized to cater to the unique aspects of your music and brand. We take into consideration your genre, target audience, and overall musical goals to provide recommendations that align with your artistic vision.

How long does it take to complete a Music Audit?

The duration can vary based on the complexity of your online presence. Typically, the process takes a about a week to ensure a thorough examination and thoughtful recommendations. We prioritize quality to deliver a tailored music audit that sets you up for success.

What kind of recommendations can I expect from the Music Audit?

You'll receive actionable recommendations covering areas such as social media optimization, website enhancements, streaming platform strategies, advertising effectiveness, and content creation. These recommendations are designed to strengthen your overall online presence and make your upcoming music release more impactful.

Is the Music Audit a one-time service, or is it ongoing?

Our music audit is a one-time service focused on preparing your digital presence for a specific upcoming music release. However, we offer ongoing auditing services and coaching services to support yall your future new music releases.

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