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Have questions about our digital music marketing services? If you don't see your question and answer here, please reach out to us and let's chat!

  • Do you have a certified digital marketing professional on staff?
    Yes. Our lead digital marketing manager has earned and currently maintains a digital marketing professional certification, equivalent to a level 5 EQF framework undergraduate degree, through the Digital Marketing Institute (DMI) and the American Marketing Association (AMA).
  • Do you host the music press kits?
    Yes. We provide free inhouse unlimited hosting and a free domain name with every music press kit we create for you. We only charge you for updates to your press kit when you need. Get started with a professional music press kit
  • Do you offer coaching services?
    Yes. We offer personalized certified digital marketing pro services and coaching on a month to month subscription to help musicians navigate the digital marketing world. Our services include auditing, optimizing, planning, and then finally delivering a digital marketing strategy that works best for you. Get started here
  • What types of payment do you accept?
    We accept all forms of credit card and debit card payments through our PayPal Business account. We do not accept personal checks, business checks, money orders, or cashier's check as form of payment. We also offer a pay later option through PayPal. All terms and conditions for this service are with PayPal and OPK Solutions does not manage PayPal pay later options. Please refer to our payment terms for more details on how PayPal handles their pay later program. Get started here
  • What is a music audit?
    A music audit is the process of conducting a digital forensic-like assessment of your website health and performance, streaming services, social media platforms and merchandise platform. The audit can reveal strengths and weaknesses of your overall music marketing strategy, the functionality of your platforms, usability and ease of access for audiences, and brand consistency. Get started with your music audit here
  • How much time do I need to plan a new music release?
    You should prepare a timeline that allows enough time to fulfill the obligations of the entire digital marketing strategy. Most new release projects require at least six months of preparation up to release date and another 30 days to 12 months of post-promotional efforts. If you release your songs individually as a waterfall release, this add additional months of post-promotional marketing. Get started here
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