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Amplify Your New Music Release with a Music Audit

Your roadmap to a successful new music release.


Are you ready to take your new music release to the next level?


Introducing Music Audits – the ultimate opening act for top performing online digital music assets. Maximize your next new music release with the perfect setlist! It'll be the single most best sound check you'll make before you release any new music. 


Put your upcoming music release front row with a music audit!

Unlock Hidden Potential on Your Platforms

Identify issues with your platforms, spotlight opportunities, and make improvements in tune with your new music release.

Gain Key Insights for Strategic Growth

Leverage insights and gather sound data to scale your goals, make better decisions, and improve key music marketing strategies.

Optimize Your New Music Release

Launch your upcoming music release with confidence. Have a smooth music marketing strategy that resonance with your fans.

Imagine all your platforms performing in perfect timing with each other. With a music audit, you'll get expert insights to create an ensemble of music assets to deliver your new music release.


Don't let inconsistency hold you back from choreographing your music success. Take center stage with our music audits and create an encore performance today! Optimize every aspect of your digital presence before releasing your next new song or album. This is your ticket for a front row seat to a headliner show!​

Our technical music audits uncover:

Website Health & Performance Issues

Website SEO Errors

Social Media Branding Inconsistencies

Spotify Readiness Issues

Merchandise Site & SEO Errors

and much more!

Each music audit comes with a full report with recommendations to fix issues and our new music release checklist.


And at no risk to you, we will back our service with a 100% money back guarantee if we can't help you improve your music brand.


Lance Ziegler Digital Marketer for OPK Solutions

Hey, I'm Lance, owner of OPK Solutions and a Certified Digital Marketing Pro with over 12+ years in the music industry helping musicians fine tune their music marketing strategy.


"Lance has been amazing, helping us with every avenue making the entire process painless and efficient. His professionalism, expertise and experience clearly makes him one of the best. Definitely the best I have ever worked with. I recommend him and OPK Solutions 1000%. He is always available for support never leaving us hanging, he always gets back in a timely manner, faster than you would expect. That in itself has so incredible much value."

Adam Tranquilli

"We highly recommend Lance and OPK. They are totally professional, easy to work with and knowledgeable about internet marketing. They also respond promptly when there is a problem or question."

The Dictators

"OPK stands out as an exceptional marketing company and Lance is a great partner to have on your team! Any businesses who seek a reliable and results-driven marketing company should look into OPK Solutions."

In Sylva

"Lance and OPK Solutions have done an amazing job for myself and my company Uproar Entertainment Group. I would highly recommend them."

Brian Jackson


What is a Music Audit, and why do I need one?

A music audit is a complete analysis of your online presence. It covers social media platforms, website, streaming services, advertising strategies, and other digital assets. It ensures your music release is supported by a strong and optimized identity, maximizing your impact and reach.

How will a Music Audit benefit my music career?

A music audit provides insights into areas of improvement and optimization across your digital platforms. It helps enhance your visibility, fan engagement, and overall effectiveness in connecting with your fans. This will boosts your chances of a successful new music release.

What does the Music Audit process involve?

The process begins with a detailed examination of your social media platforms, website, streaming services, and advertising strategies. Our experts will assess the current state of your online presence, identify strengths and weaknesses, and provide actionable recommendations for improvement.

Will the Music Audit be tailored to my specific needs as a musician?

Absolutely. Our music audit is personalized to cater to the unique aspects of your music and brand. We take into consideration your genre, target audience, and overall musical goals to provide recommendations that align with your artistic vision.

How long does it take to complete a Music Audit?

The duration can vary based on the complexity of your online presence. Typically, the process takes a about a week to ensure a thorough examination and thoughtful recommendations. We prioritize quality to deliver a tailored music audit that sets you up for success.

What kind of recommendations can I expect from the Music Audit?

You'll receive actionable recommendations covering areas such as social media optimization, website enhancements, streaming platform strategies, advertising effectiveness, and content creation. These recommendations are designed to strengthen your overall online presence and make your upcoming music release more impactful.

Is the Music Audit a one-time service, or is it ongoing?

Our music audit is a one-time service focused on preparing your digital presence for a specific upcoming music release. However, we offer ongoing auditing services and coaching services to support yall your future new music releases.


Ready to Amplify Your Online Presence?

It's time for a set change! Click below for a personalized music audit that will electrify your online presence. Let's compose success for your new music release together!

Don't wait for the curtain call. Act now and we will include our music release checklist!

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