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Take Control of Your
Music Branding

Create a music branding strategy consistent with who you are and what you do.

Music Branding

STEP 2: Execute a Music Branding Strategy

It's time for some new music branding. Organizing, fixing, and optimizing your assets prior to any releases is highly recommended. If it's broken, outdated or missing information... Fix it! We can help you repair and optimize all your music accounts associated with your music business, improve your overall brand consistency and messaging across multiple platforms, and assist in a number of management related services to get you ready for your upcoming new music release.


Invest in a Music Branding Strategy

Failing to invest in a music branding strategy prior to your new music release is asking for trouble. Not making sure your accounts look good and are running smoothly can cost you valuable marketing spend and even more damaging... possibly cost you new fans. If you are sending potential listeners or followers to sites that are poorly managed, outdated or simply unorganized, then most likely you're losing out on huge opportunities to make new loyal fans.

Take the time to get your assets in tip top shape and ready to impress your fans and listeners with a message that is consistent and on point with all your promotional efforts.

  • Rebranding and reskinning​

  • Social media overhauls

  • Spotify overhauls and fixes

  • Release date coordination

  • Campaign readiness

  • Music press kit recommendations