Musician branding for success.

Develop musician branding with a strategy that builds trust and loyalty with your audience.


Invest in a music branding strategy.

Our musician branding solution brings all your assets together with a consistent look, feel, and message that resonates with the audiences who will love your music.

Failing to invest in a branding strategy prior to your new music release is like heading out for a long trip on an empty tank of gas knowing you won't see another gas station for 300 miles.


Sending potential listeners or followers to sites that are poorly managed, outdated or simply lacking SEO relevancy is most likely costing you huge opportunities to make new loyal fans.

  • Rebrand your website and SEO strategy

  • Social media overhauls and fixes

  • Spotify overhauls and fixes

  • Music press kit recommendations

Musician Branding by OPK Solutions

Music branding builds trust.

Organizing, fixing, and optimizing your assets prior to any new music releases is highly recommended. If it's broken, outdated or missing information... Fix it!


We can help you repair and optimize all your music accounts associated with your music business, improve your overall brand consistency and messaging across multiple platforms, and assist in a number of management related services to get you ready for your upcoming new music release.​

Repair Errors

With the results of your music audit, repair errors to improve health and performance of your site.

Optimize Platforms

Repair and optimize your platforms to get the best possible chance of algorithmic activity.

Rebranding Assets

Create a unique brand image and message that is consistent with who you are as musicians.

After you've completed a music audit, we can help you organize a music branding strategy for your music website, merchandise site, and social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, and Spotify.