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Music SEO Audit

Digital Music Marketing Agency

Lance Ziegler Digital Marketer for OPK Solutions

Hey, I'm Lance, a Certified Digital Marketing Pro. Let's work together to get your music on track for your new music release.

Conduct a music audit to see how you measure up to the algorithms. 

Wondering how to improve your followers, listeners and streams for your new music release?

Uncover new insights and opportunities to grow your music brand with a forensic-like audit of your digital music assets. Your music audit will include a full report and feedback on:

  • Website SEO health and performance

  • Spotify streaming service

  • Social media presence

  • Merchandise SEO 

  • Search results


Find out what you need to do before you release your next song. Submit your info and get started with your music audit.

Start Your Music Audit

What is a music audit?

SEO audits are an inexpensive, comprehensive analysis of your music assets' optimization, performance, and health.


It looks at factors like:

  • website SEO

  • accessibility

  • performance

  • usability

  • keyword density/relevancy

  • backlink quality


Additionally, audits can analyze:

  • social media platforms

  • eCommerce merchandise stores

  • Spotify artist accounts

  • search engine results pages

for indicators of a strong presence online and where improvements can be made. 

​​A music audit can be a useful tool for identifying strengths and weaknesses, areas where you can improve your overall online presence, and where to align your digital marketing campaigns draw in new fans and attract new audiences to your media platforms.

A music audit can help organize your assets.

Musicians should do music SEO audits on a regular basis in order to ensure they are making the most of their digital media platforms and maximizing their budget spends. Algorithms can be frustrating and SEO indicators can smack down your efforts if you are in violation of rules and policies.


By taking the time to understand where your music platforms measure up to SEO indicators and algorithms, you can make better decisions and make sure you're assets are performing at optimal health to reach the widest possible audience for your new music release.

What does a music audit reveal?

The goal of an SEO music audit is to help uncover any issues that could have a negative impact on any of your music campaigns and fix those issue before your new music release. By doing this, you increase your chances of having a more efficient and effective promotion of your music on the platforms you use.


When all your digital channels are aligned with each other, the fan experience becomes a smooth journey from discovery of your music to a loyal fan.

Invest in a music audit today and uncover opportunities to improve the success of your new music release.

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