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6 Must Haves For Music Press Kits

Updated: Apr 19

Well planned out and carefully crafted music press kits are probably the most valuable, and, most overlooked promotional tool. In today's fast pace digital society, information needs to be presented quickly and efficiently so that decisions can be made just the same. Most music industry management and executives that make decisions just don't have time to sift through several internet pages to find the information they need to make quick decisions. A well designed and efficient presentation can be the difference between landing a good paying gig or not.

Additionally, artist and talent managers are discovering how much more efficient communications can be with a well planned out media kit. One of the first things that music management generally ask their new client is if they have an updated music press kit. When soliciting record labels, venues, tour planners, and partners in the industry, these managers form alliances with these various entities over the years and establish preferred methods of communicating and promoting their client's brand. If you are a musician and your manager does not promote your music with a music press kit, it's time to ask why.

6 Basic Design Elements Your Music Press Kit Should Have

The anatomy of your online press kit should be simple and to the point. There are certain things decision makers are looking for and require to determine talent. All primary and important information about you should be on one page and easy to scroll and scan with a nice clean design format. Quick-link buttons and anchors can give viewers quick access to parts of the music press kit that they wish to view first.

Ethan Brosh - OPK Solutions Electronic Press Kit
Ethan Brosh

1. Creative Header

This is your first impression and the first thing your audience will see when the page loads. A nice creative header should capture your intended audience's attention, be expressive, and represent the band or artist you are. Try not to clutter it with too many elements. The idea is to peak interest with enough stimulus to motivate your audience to continue scrolling for more information.

2. Music

This really goes without saying. Especially if you have a new music release coming out. Make sure you choose a music marketing platform that is diversified in many different aspects to maximize you reach with your music. Additionally, having the ability to fully customize your music player with optional bonus tracks, song version types, file downloads for special items, custom graphics, custom fonts and creative elements to add lyrics and social media share options. will help you get noticed and stand out when presenting your music via an online press kit.

3. Biography

A good biography that summarizes your music career is a very important communication piece that will tell the viewer who, what, where, why, and when. A well written biography should convey your message in past, present, and future tense, expressing what you've done and accomplished so far, what is going on right now, and what your plans might be for the future if you are already planning ahead for future music promotions or music related career events. Biographies are your short story opportunity to impress your audience with factual and up-to-date information about your music.

4. Photo Gallery

Photo galleries should never be low quality. High resolution photos prepared and optimized for web presentation should be something you take seriously. If you can't afford a professional photographer, consider someone you know that may have some experience in capturing good quality photos. That's just that! A good photo shoot will give your audience the full visual of who you look like as a band or artist. Using low resolution, distorted, or fuzzy photos only diminishes your brand image. Additionally, photo galleries should be easy to share, have description sections to give more details and be easy to share across any social media platform.

OPK Solutions Online Press Kits
Rex Lyons of The Ripcords

5. Press & Media

Keeping track of press and media by adding a section to your online press kit is a valuable way to catalog and promote high traffic sites that publish press about your music. Using ten or twenty most of the recent press articles from online sources can You can also use your music press kit to promote your recent activities to news and online media outlets.

6. Management Contact

We consider this section of our music press kits a necessary part of a well designed press kit. Whether you decide to manage yourself or you already have additional team members managing your career, the contact section will guarantee there is updated contact information so the right people can be contacted for you. Booking agents, PR agencies, record labels, and artist managers are among some of the more common contacts if available.

Now you have a basic foundation to understand what makes up the anatomy of a creative and effective online music press kit. When selecting a platforms to launch your press kit from, keep in mind the flexibility to customize and be creative. Many template sites have limitations to the level of flexibility you have to customize your press kit. To see some examples of media kits and for some inspiration, visit our press kit page for inspiration and additional information.

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