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Spotify Wrapped - 4 Reasons Musicians Should Participate

Updated: Mar 3

Spotify Wrapped is being hailed as the biggest event of the year on Spotify. If you're a Spotify artist, then you're probably familiar with their annual campaign. This year is full of great features.

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Spotify Wrapped

For those who don't know, Spotify Wrapped is a feature allowing listeners to reflect on their listening habits from the past year. 

In this article, we explore four reasons why you should participate in this year's Spotify Wrapped campaign. If you're a Spotify artist user or someone who lives and breathes music, be sure to read on to find out why you need to participate in this year's Spotify Wrapped!

Spotify Wrapped Stats

Each proceeding year since its conception in 2016, the feature has grown exponentially with its increasingly growing audience of listeners and participating artists.

Spotify Wrapped 2021 was no exception, and again a huge success. And with this well accepted feature, Spotify listeners can have a full look at what the world streamed most in 2021.

Top US Tracks for the Year 

This is a list of the 50 top US tracks of the year with the most streams. This includes artists like Olivia Rodrigo and her song "Good 4 U" which currently has 1.6 billion streams.

Other notable tracks for the year included "Heat Waves" by Glass Animals, and "Blinding Lights" by The Weekend with 3.2 billion streams.

Top US Artist for the Year

This group of artist are the most streamed of all time. This included Taylor Swift, Juice WRLD, and Kanye West to mention just a few.

The official list is comprised of 50 of the most popular artists streamed in the US only.

Top US Female and Male Artist of the Year

Who were the top female and male artists of the year? The top female US artist of the year goes to none other than.... Taylor swift, followed by Olivia Rodrigo in second, and Dojo Cat for third.

Top US male artist of the year goes to.... Drake, followed by Juice WRLD for second and Kanye West for third. 

Here's where to see your own Spotify Wrapped 2021 stats and to see what artists and tracks made the top of the list.

What is Spotify Wrapped

Spotify Listeners and Subscribers

From a listener's perspective, Spotify Wrapped is an opportunity for hundreds of millions of listeners to reflect on their preferred musical artists, tracks and favorite media available on Spotify.

This includes things like how many hours you've listened to music, your most played artists and songs, etc.

While there is no official launch date of Spotify Wrapped, the anticipated date for this year's release is December 1st.

Here are some of the things you will find in your Spotify Wrapped report:

Your Top Artists: Spotify will show you your top 5 artists from the past year, along with how many total minutes you've listened to them.

Your Top Tracks: Spotify will also show you your top 10 tracks from the past year, along with how many times you've played each one.

Your Top Genres: In addition to showing you your top artists and tracks, Spotify will also reveal your top 3 genres based on your listening habits.

Insights Into Your Listening Behavior: Spotify's Wrapped feature also provides users with some interesting insights into their listening behavior.

For example, you can see the average number of days per week that you listen to music, as well as the average number of hours per day.

Spotify Artists

From an artist's perspective, you should be looking at this as an opportunity to reconnect with your top fans, sell merchandise, and sell concert tickets.

This year, Spotify Wrapped has introduced more new ways for artists to connect with their most valuable fans. Let's take a look.

4 Reasons Musicians Should Participate in Spotify Wrapped

If you're using Spotify artist, then you should definitely participate in Spotify Wrapped!

Here's why:

1. Personalized Video Message

Artist can create a personalized video message for their top fans thanking them for their support for the year or letting them know what's up for the coming year. The message is up to you.

Be creative with this content piece and use it as an opportunity to create a personalized connection with your audience.

Some things to know:

  • Video must be under 30 seconds

  • Must be uploaded and submitted by November 18

  • Record a standard vertical mobile video

  • No music, no lyrics, no singing, no explicit content, no logos or brands, no added graphic, text or filters

  • Upload on Spotify app or desktop

To upload you video to Spotify, log in to your artist account and upload your video.

2. Show Off Your Merch

This year, Spotify Wrapped will showcase up to 5 of your most recent uploaded merch items from your Shopify account and promote them using a number of ways, including email.

Here is what you can expect:

  • Connect your Shopify account to your Spotify account by November 7

  • Publish new or exclusive merch to the Spotify Sales Channel through Shopify

If you don't use Shopify to handle your merch, this simply is not going to apply to you. And it's safe to say you are missing opportunity here.

But if you do decide to switch, you can get started with a Shopify Starter plan for only $5.00 a month and connect a Printful print on demand account to fulfill orders on Shopify.

Musician friendly platforms like Wix have the ability to add a Printful print on demand app to their website design and sell merchandise hands free.

To sell your merch on your Spotify account, log in to you artist account connect your Shopify account.

3. Highlight Upcoming Live Shows

This year's Spotify Wrapped has added the ability to promote your tour dates to your top listeners and personalize concert recommendations.

Some things to know:

In order to get your tour dates listed on Spotify, you'll have to have your dates listed on one of the following ticketing services -

  • Ticketmaster

  • Songkick

  • Resident Advisor

  • Eventbrite

  • AXS

  • See Tickets

  • DICE

  • StageIt

  • NoCap

  • Mandolin


  • Eplus (Japan only)

And, make sure the dates are appearing correctly in the "On Tour" section of your artist account.

4. Fundraiser Promotions

Do you have a cause that you are passionate about and want to rally your fans around helping you achieve your fundraiser goals?

Spotify Wrapped gives you the ability to connect your fans to a charitable cause your music supports. 

Some things to know:

  • You'll need to set up a fundraiser support link on your artist profile.

  • Simply connect your fundraiser via an approved Spotify partner.

When Does Spotify Wrapped Stop Tracking?

Spotify Wrapped for the listener, like every year, is a personalized report of everything listened to from January 1 to October 31. Any data between November 1 to December 31 is not included in the report.

Nonetheless, you'll find plenty of stats to keep you entertained. 

How to Find Your Spotify Wrapped and Prepare

The first thing you'll want to do is update your Spotify profile. New skins, updated pictures, and freshen up the bio section if you have new information to add.

Also, make sure your artist pick is up to date as well. All these tweaks and updates let the algorithms know you mean business and you're keeping it fresh.

If you're a musician who is ready to get geared up for this year's big event, then go to your Spotify for Artists account, log in and click the "Get Ready with Your Wrapped Soundcheck" and begin. 

Don't miss this opportunity to reach out to your top fans and let them know that their loyalty as a fan has made a a huge impact on you and your music.

Final Thoughts

Even if you can't fulfill all 4 reason to join this year's event, take the time to create a video and reach out to fans. This will create awareness, stimulate interests, and drive engagements to listen to your music. This in turn will increase your streams and monthly listeners.

Need help with your Spotify Artist profile? Let's chat!

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