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Integrity and authenticity — two key components required to ensure a band's initial acceptance and ultimate long-term survival on the highly-competitive global metal music scene. Inspired by the hard-hitting, riff-heavy, no nonsense blueprint engineered by the master architects of the classic European NWOBHM movement, American metal stalwarts, Attika, have claimed both components — integrity and authenticity since day one.


First launched from Florida's Space Coast in 1983, co-founding frontman Rob Van War and drummer Jeff Patelski led the brash four-piece brigade to numerous accolades throughout the aerosol-sprayed '80s. The band's abrasive self-produced, self-titled 1988 debut record received a jaw-dropping "5-K" rating from Europe's foremost metal publication, Kerrang! In 1989, they were named "Best Metal Band" by Florida's prestigious JAM! magazine. Their acclaimed sophomore slab, When Heroes Fall was released internationally by Massacre Records in 1992.


By the late '90s, Attika had splintered, with Van War pursuing new creative ventures. However, the band would be revived in the 2000s when their debut set was reissued by CMC records in 2004. More recently, a deluxe CD / vinyl edition of When Heroes Fall was released by the European metal label, Pure Steel Records in 2019.


Along with perennial members; bassist Glenn Anthony and guitarist Bill Krajewski, Van War and Patelski continue to enjoy international notoriety — performing numerous concert dates in the U.S. and abroad. The band's 2018 appearance at the celebrated "Up the Hammers" festival in Greece was a particular career highlight.


Entitled Metal Lands, the latest Attika offering already is being hailed by industry insiders as an unapologetic tour de force. The highly-anticipated ten-track collection is scheduled to drop worldwide via Pure Steel in early 2021.

Author - Christopher Long

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Attika - Blades of Steel Metalfest
ATTIKA When Heros Fall

When Heroes Fall
Massacre Records

Attika Cult Metal Classic album

Cult Metal Classics
Sonic Age Records

When Heroes Fall - Attika album

When Heroes Fall
Pure Steel Records

Metal Lands - Attika album

Metal Lands
Pure Steel Records



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