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Re-release of the 1996 EP Cant Get Ed Out Of My Head on Replace Records

Originally Produced by Lance Davis




Released August 5th worldwide on major digital platforms.

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Edward Spacer

Co-founder - Vocals - Guitars - Bass

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Co-founder - Drummer - Vocals

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Edward Spacer - co-founder of The Capricorn Project, The Ed Spacer Project, The Vampires and Los Vampirex. Edward has a very long history of playing guitar, stretching back to as far as 1983, when his parents got him an acoustic guitar. That's when Edward started his musical journey and intermittently between then and the mid 80's, Edward had practiced and started getting into it. 

Edward has a strong love for American history and was strongly influenced by his father who  was an avid World War 2 and Civil War enthusiast. Edward loves old daguerreotypes and  photography. He says it is a window into the world that existed at the time of the picture. 

Edward started recording as far back as 1991. Edward had several recordings on DAT tape that he started sending out but nothing planned out for him. He is an educated person having a degree in architectural design and business management. Edward worked in office type jobs and migrated into banking. 

In 1993, Edward started recording with Lance Davis, who was with the band For Souls on Fire. He made the first version of a song called Would You Like To? and started playing the Newark Delaware circuit. Between that time and 1996, he established himself a cult figure in that area  with his strange original lyrics and sound. 

That is the forte of what Edward does. He can create a song off the top of his head, a complete improvisational gift, anytime, anywhere. Edward can actually remember what he created and  orchestrate the music and develop the different musical components. In 1996, Edward started  recording the songs that would be the very first EP album that was called CAN'T GET ED OUT OF MY HEAD and five songs were on that album. Several members of Lance Davis' band For Souls On Fire, as well as Chris Horne contributed to the album effort. Edward began his circuit playing out including his reach into Philadelphia and New Jersey. 

In Camden and areas of South Jersey, Edward continued to play on with the same group of people during this time until his father unexpectedly passed away in 2000. From then until around 2004, Edward took a hiatus from music and focused on two careers in banking and construction.

In 2004, Ed started the Capricorn Project and started recording new songs. Some of these were noticed by several people in the music business and at one point had secured a contract in Los Angeles but did not pan out in a way that would have been successful for him. Edward continued to write songs and record more music.

Fast forward to 2019, after a long hiatus, his wife Trish, the other co-founder and drummer of  the group, pushed him back into music. And the metamorphosis started. The first single  recorded in August of 2019, is called FRACTURED and is on the YouTube channel for listening. That along with seven other songs became an EP called Merry Fookers under the moniker of The Vampires which featured various members over time that had contributed one way or another to each song. These efforts began to evolve a very dark distinct signature sound that  would be and can easily be identified as his in the music. 

Another three EPs followed with more songs and then in May of 2020, The Vampires were  retired and The Ed Spacer Project was reborn from the 1990's, which consisted of Ed, Trish, and various members as did The Vampires. Many of these songs are completely evolved from the others and it is according to him a growing process that will always evolve. 

Edward has also worked as a brand ambassador and male model for his wife Trish through various modeling agencies and talent agencies. Edward creates all of the graphic designs for the songs and the EP covers. 

Edward makes a point to ensure the originality of the music. Basically, it is artistic integrity. The effort is to never cover or plagiarize anyone else's music. It is respect to those artists and keeping his efforts pure. A concurrent project called THE UNINVITED is also underway, which is a collaborative effort that will include other well known musicians.

The name evolved to Los Vampirex as the group has been now aligned with Replace Records and Pulse Driving Records with a promotional campaign in August. They are planning to hit the road and start touring in the USA as well as Europe showing and displaying the unique signature and creativity that defines them from the rest of the music out there. The first EP and it's songs, which are here for listening, is called USQUE AD MORTEM TYRANNIS - in Latin means DEATH TO THE TYRANTS

Currently as they are growing and evolving, a second EP is in the making called RIOT. Under The Vampires, seven of the songs recorded in late 2019, were featured in the movie Catch of the Day 2: You Die at Dawn! (2020). It is a creative process of humanism and expression as well as an outside look at what's happening from their eyes. 

It's Very Haunting. 




Erotic Poison


Catch of the Day


You Die At Dawn

The Ed Spacer Project made the following tracks available to the movie:


In The Hole

Somewhere In The Night



One And Away




Pulse Driving Records

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